Update post summer

12 Oct 2016


Since the last project I published here I’ve been working with smaller labs. I recently took a course in Parallel Programming, TDDC78, to get a foot into how to think efficiently and with regards to multiple threads. I mostly worked with the open API’s OpenMP and MPI with the National Supercomputer Centre (NSC) in Linköping. With it I also learned more about the low tier architecture of different processors and the underlying reasons why techniques such as loop tiling are vital for efficiency. I got the labs up at different branches on my github.

Another course I recently finished was Modelling and Animation, TNM079. A technical course discussing lots of different aspects and techniques in computer graphics and modelling manipulations. Topics such as half edge data structure, decimation, splines and subdivision, implicit surfaces, levelsets and fluid simulations. For the labs I used a fairly well documented code base, which of where I managed to never push from my own log in.

Have a read at any of the six reports for a quick look at what it’s about.

Next coming weeks I’m finishing a project with Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with an MLP-neural network to solve equations using a webcam with the OpenCV API. I’m also working with two developers on our own implementation of a graphic simulation of the Divergence-Free SPH for Incompressible Fluids publication done by Jan Bender and Dan Koschier, which should be finished in time for Christmas.