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Jonathan Bosson

1057 E Fuller Ave
Salt Lake City, Utah, 84102

Reports from Past Projects

Adv. Simulation and Visualization of Fluids in Computer Graphics: Divergence-Free Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics for Fluid Simulations. TN1008 course.

SFX - Tricks of the Trade: Maya Soft Body Deformer using Shape Matching, Image Space Adaptive Polynomial Rendering. TNCG13 course.

AI for Interactive Media: Interactive Equation Solver through MLP neural network and OCR TNM095 course.

Modelling & Simulation: HalfEdge, Decimation, Splines & Subdivision, Implicit Surfaces, Level-sets, Fluid Simluation, TNM079 course.

Bachelor Thesis: DooVR - Interaktiv modellering i virtuell verklighet. TNM094 course.

Global Illumination and Rendering: Physically based rendering with Monte Carlo Raytracing. TNCG15 course.

Visual Data Analysis : VAST Mini Challange 2 - Analysis of Hazium Threat TNM098 course.